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1. Centre of shot is 18 Bulls Lane from the rear. Old John's cottage is to the right. The eve in the background is the front of Home Farm, and was apparently knocked down to widen Bulls Lane.

2. Rear view of  Old John's Cottage (number 20 Bulls Lane) on the right, with number 18 on the left. The far right of the house you see here has now been extended into the garden. Th, now closed, Three Tuns pub is just out of shot on the right.

3. Old John himself, looking at a picture of his younger self (at the time of the Boer War I believe).

4. Interior shot of Old John's Cottage.

5. Old John's Cottage from the rear again - absolutely unrecognisable. The door is now a window, and the extension into the garden is now all new (1980?) and much bigger.